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Characteristics & Advantages Of Li-ion Polymer Battery

Characteristics & Advantages Of Li-ion Polymer Battery

   Length of Tab Insulating Adhesive Film
  A-- Cell Length
  B-- Cell Width
  H-- Cell Thickness
  L-- Tab Centerline Spacing
  b-- Tab Width
  c-- Ring Film Length
  E-- Tab Length

1) Environmental friendly

2) High capacity

3) Wh/L & Wh/Kg

4) Light weight

5) Low self-discharge

6) Low internal resistance

7) Long cycle life

8) No memory effect

9) No explosion, No leakage

10) Fast Charging & Discharging

11) Wide Range of Working Temperature (-40~70℃)

12) Thickness Can Be Adjusted While Width And Height Keep The Same

13) Flexiable Connection Mode