We will participate in EES Europe 2018: Dates:June 20-22,2018 Venue:Messe München, Germany Booth No: C1.447 Warmly welcome to visiting our booth, thank you.
Main Characteristics

There are 2 kinds of commonly used precious metal catalyst such as monohydric catalyst and binary catalyst in the fuel cell. The monohydric catalyst (platinum carbon and platinum black) produced by our company has catalytic activity to the eactions of two electrodes with long service life. The binary catalyst (platinum-ruthenium black and platinum-ruthenium carbon) is designed according to the theory that bi-functional group can strengthen resistance ablity to CO poisoning, which can not only enhance its Anti-CO poisoning ability and catalytic activity, but also can improve the efficiency of fuel cell.

The catalyst produced by our company has the advantages such as high catalytic activity, good Anti-CO poisoning ability & electrical conductivity, as well as the excellent chemical stability etc., widely used in the field of proton exchange membrane fuel cell.